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It is very important that we provide the best service to our patients and therefore we welcome any suggestions, comments or complaints about any aspect of our practice. We hope that most problems can be resolved easily and quickly at the time but if your issue can not be solved in this way and you wish to make a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible, usually within six months of you becoming aware that you have cause for complaint and normally no longer than twelve months after the event.

How To Complain

You can complain in the way that  best suits you. This can be face to face, on the telephone, in a letter or by email. You should try to provide details of:

  • How to contact you.
  • Who or what you are complaining about.
  • Where and when the event that caused you to complain happened.
  • What you would like to be done to address your complaint.

Complaints should be addressed to the Practice Manager. The practice mailing address and a contact form can be found here Contact Us.

What Will Happen Next

Read more: Complaints

Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Confidentiality

This medical practice complies with Data Protection and Access to Medical Records legislation. Identifiable information about you will only be shared with others under the following circumstances:

  • To provide further medical treatment for you i.e. from district nurses and hospital services.
  • To help you get other services e.g. from the social work department. This requires your consent.
  • When we have a duty to others e.g. in child protection cases.
  • Anonymised patient information will also be used at local and national level to help the Health Board and Government plan services.

If you do not wish anonymous information about you to be used in such a way please let us know.

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